R&B Services

R&B provides traceability services through the capture and storage of a series of track and trace events (i.e. aggregation transportation, etc..) which are kept in a big data storage system, in a partnership with Amazon Web Services.

It is always worth to note that the capture of events is only made possible from the unique identification of an item, either serial number, lot/batch, Gtin or even by some technologie including that data (datamatrix, bar-code, QR Code or RFID), this process is known as serialization.

The user queries data through the multi-plataform Dashboard R&B, keeping track in historic and real time events.

The technology developed by R&B emphasizes high and simple connectivity, being able to supply from small-sized retailers to large-sized industries.

(I) – IDENTIFICATION – Unitary identification that can be executed in different markets and products, following a preexisting codification systems.

(O) – ORIGIN – Recognition of the step prior to the identification process or link prior to an item transfer.

(D) – DESTINATION – Recognition of the step following the item transfer.

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