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R&B was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs, supported by major Institutional Partners, of providing traceability services. Initially, the focus was the pharmaceutical segment, given the government and the society concern over the growing events of drug smuggling and counterfeit and the later implementation of the National Drug Control System.


Hence, R&B has steadily evolved, building technical and commercial integrations with software and hardware vendors, developing solutions for a broad variety of market segments and customizing its systems as per client needs. See below a brief timeline with the key events in our history.


SEP 13

R&B Foundation aiming to provide traceability solutions as to meet RDC 54/2013 of the Ministry of Health

MAR 14

Exclusive Partnership Maquidrex/Scanware

APR 14

Exclusive Agency Agreement with Atlantic Zeiser

JUL 14

Data R&B integration with other hardware vendors - we reach 100% of coverage

OCT 14

First pilot of Brazil at Libbs Farmacêutica intended to meet Law 11.903/2009

APR 15

R&B becomes Amazon Web Service Partner Network

MAY 15

Strategic Partnership with NeoGrid

NOV 15

Implementation of Bayer Pilot Project - in compliance with the global IT safety protocol.

APR 16

Completion of validation process

MAY 16

Conclusion of pilots Hisamitsu, Bracco and Boiron

OCT 16

Creation of MEDiD app for drug identification and track&trace

AUG 17

Partnership with Alcis - WMS

SEP 17

Partnership with SeaVision Lixis

SEP 17

Partnership with Systech

SEP 17

Partnership with OPTEL Vision

SEP 17

Partnership with Pollux Automation

SEP 17

Partnership with Rockwell Automation

SEP 17

Partnership with OCS

SEP 17

Partnership with McPack

JAN 18

Partnership with Antares Vision

JUL 18

Expansion of MEDiD database to Mozambique and Portugal

AUG 18

First submission of track&trace data to SNCM

SEP 18

Partnership with Bosch

OCT 18

Pilot project with Profarma Specialty according to ANVISA standards

OCT 18

Pilot project with RaiaDrogasil according to ANVISA standards

JAN 19

Partnership with Datalogic

FEB 19

Track&Trace project with NCS Supplements

MAR 19

GetPharma release: Facilitator for horizontal track&trace communication

ABR 19

Pilot project with Bayer according to ANVISA standards

MAY 19

Pilot project with Boehringer Ingelheim according to ANVISA standards

MAY 19

R&B meets 60% of SNCM pilots proposed by ANVISA

JUL 19

Partnership with INEL

OCT 19

Track&Trace project with Luft Logistics

OCT 19

Consulting project with EMS

FEB 20

Consulting project with Daiichi-Sankyo

MAY 20

MEDiD provides traceability for COVID-19 tests

MAY 20

R&B Saúde: Platform to monitor infected by COVID-19

OCT 20

R&B turns 7 years

NOV 20

Track&Trace project with Bausch Health

NOV 20

Track&Trace project with Chemicaltech

DEC 20

Track&Trace project with Moksha8

MAR 21

Launch of the R&B RFID solution

APR 21

Track&Trace project with Biotest

MAY 21

Track&Trace project with Labtest

JUN 21

Track&Trace project with Comexport

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